About Us

Established April 3, 2006. After acquiring instruction and the completion of my apprenticeship by way of receiving my journeymanship in masonry, as an enthused mason having knowledge and skilled with several crafts of the field. Attempting to make my way at the work force, under the tutelage of a local union conceivably being aware of the community around me had become 'blighted' toward a 'Stand still-Halt' concerning community development, from what little change being made, if you will, 'slowly' and under-developed.

             And, after working with others who witnessed the same and felt as I did, through encouragement on doing something to spark a more decency, order and respect had become our 'sole' drive and motivating force, as well the determination to live, serve and assist the community here and abroad during an oppressive economy at that time up 'til the early part of 2010; we teamed up with associates and formed the ideal Bolta Construction, a local and relatively small construction company, was born with the goal in mind having providing cutting edge customer service friendly in a competitive market, as well in the mainstream construction industry as a developer with superb construction management, to be one of the leading local community development construction companies on the east coast.

"As seen here, an earlier, if not more recent snap of myself with efforts built on determined customer service for a client who was very satisfied after the project was completed, on the deteriated stair case; now, could walk safely up and down the brick stair case without tripping or falling over the buckled masonry, restored to perfection utilizing my skill."; as well, here below on another project after damage was done when a vehicle demolishes the front wall of this property. Demostrating my skill of expertise, restoring the damage.

I began, with much of my very own initiative and drive, having the will and determination to build a life of hard earnest work for myself, family and community. Once a teacher of mine said to me, '...son you have to get out there and plow it', 'The Earth' that is; that same teaching stuck with me and never left my ear gates and compelling to my heart, as a foundation "Building Block of Fortitude" on principle of the commitment to myself family and community I attest, "Just Do It", as well  "Learning By Doing" - Prof. T.S. Natarajan, Dept. of Physics, IITM.

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